Judit Navratil

  • Hungary (b. 1982 in Szombathely)
  • Currently in San Francisco, United States.
  • Judit’s practice is multivalent, engaging performance, social practices, drawing, as well as video and VR; investigating the possibilities and dangers of ‘home’ in cyberspace. Judit is a Long Distance Somersaulter (LDS), seeking for higher alternatives.


Old to the New

  • 2018
  • 39 min

  • This is a ritual roll from CCA Grad Studios that moved from Hooper Street to American Industrial Center (3rd Street, SF) Video: Bianka Bell 1,2 miles 39 minutes - stopped only by red lights (Google Maps walking speed 24 min)

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    LDS // Long Distance Somersault career | 2015 - 2022

Long Distance Somersault (LDS) career - one of my pseudo-occupation projects* – maintains my flexibility to roll further and reflects on my social and spatial encounters. Being sponsored allows me to examine the effects of monetary involvement and validates my suspicion that everything is possible. LDS helps me to find balance, meditate on the hamster wheel of life and to gaze into the Eye of the Hurricane. In a group practice, social connections and relations can be exercised through this different awareness. *These occupations are the binding agents for exploring different materials (childhood drawing tools, VR video, performance etc.), and topics: just as being a mind cartographer, a tear factory worker, a poop fortune-teller and so. As an artist, I’m interested in the role of a Grandmother – sharing unconditional love without the dangerous attachments of maternity.