Adam Novota

  • Slovakia (b. 1984 in Bratislava)
  • Currently in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Homegrown revolution

Homegrown revolution

  • 2012
  • Cameras, Internet applications, Computers, Touch Screen, TVs, Inflatable couch, Sound equipment, Collective Performance
  • Multimedia interactive installation with combination of live video projections connected to the public space through Internet applications and human resources.
  • Work covers the phenomenon of protests nowadays. It deals with alternatives of the group and individual negotiation in the public space while using new media as a possible tool for subversion.

  • Po domácky vypestovaná revolúcia. Dielo sa zaoberá fenoménom protestov v dnešnej dobe. Skúma alternatívy skupinového a individuálneho jednania vo verejnom priestore pričom využíva nové média ako možný nástroj subverzie.

  • Protest
  • Dsc 0130
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