Adam Novota

  • Slovakia (b. 1984 in Bratislava)
  • Currently in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Laboratory of spectral and personal analysis

Laboratory of spectral and personal analysis

  • 2010
  • Interactive installation - Work connects two environments – home environment and institutional environment. The spectator becomes an object of exploration and (pseudo) psychological analysis and under some circumstances also an exhibit.
  • The analysis takes place in an improvised tent – portable lab.
  • The technological base is created by internet video call as we know it from Skype, the difference is that while video communication is a two-way stream, audio communication, in this case, is only one-way.

  • Laboratórium spektrálno-personálnej analýzy. Dielo prepája dve prostredia – domáce prostredie a prostredie inštitucionálne. Z diváka sa stáva objekt skúmania a (pseudo)psychologickej analýzy a za istých okolností aj exponát.

  • Dsc 0125
  • Dsc 0204
  • Dsc 0238
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