Adam Novota

  • Slovakia (b. 1984 in Bratislava)
  • Currently in Bratislava, Slovakia.
The pigeon would be a symbol / Ten holub bude totiž symbol

The pigeon would be a symbol / Ten holub bude totiž symbol

  • 2012
  • Iron, Wood, Video Display, Computers, Online media, Robotic Arm, Textiles, Performance
  • Multimedia sculpture consists of several parts that are related together not only in meaning but also in construction and dramaturgy, and they can be interpreted as topical models of subject’s psychic.
  • 220 x 340 x 75 cm
  • This work is based on therapy of family constellations. It (as an exemplum and also metaphor) serves to name the issue of staging and manipulation on the more general level.

  • Ten holub bude totiž symbol. Multimediálna skulptúra pozostáva z viacerých častí, ktoré sú navzájom, nielen významovo ale aj konštrukčne a dramaturgicky, prepojené a ktoré môžu byť interpretované vo vzťahu k topickým modelom psychiky subjektu.

  • Ten 20holub 20bude 20symbol 20 1 20adam 20novota
  • Ten 20holub 20bude 20symbol 20 3 20adam 20novota
  • Dsc 0544
  • 500954554 200x150
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