pascal brateau

  • France (b. 1967)
  • Currently in Berlin, Germany.


  • 2014
  • 3D mural painting
  • 260 x 323 x 285 cm
  • permanent installation, created for genesis 5 exibition, Earth Art Museum, Japan, with support of AIA.

  • Flat volume paint on the walls in front of the studio, a kind of anamorphosis, "inside/out" seems to delimit an outside and an inside without really succeeding. It's an unclear game on notions like inside/outside, border, nature and culture.

  • P1010067
  • P1000305
  • P1010306
  • Looking for volume - thumbnail The Other Side Of The World - thumbnail inside/out - thumbnail turtle - thumbnail

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    Artist In Aso | 2014

artistic residency in Aso mountains, city of Takamory, Kumamoto prefecture, Japan. with support by : Artist In Aso Commitee, Earth Art Museum, Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto, Art-Plex festival, city of Takamory, Aso City, Kumamoto city, Kumamoto prefecture. august 2014 - november 2014