pascal brateau

  • France (b. 1967)
  • Currently in Berlin, Germany.


  • aquabitArt
  • Auguststrasse 35
  • Berlin, Germany
  • 10119


Pascal Brateau explores the house's archetypical shape, its image and perception in the collective mind, mainly in the form of sculptures and/or in-situ installations that question a place or a concept to reveal a hidden story, or the stories' context.
Aware of each place's capacity to receive diverse content, he builds a fertile dialogue between a chosen landscape, with the "already there" – and his art installations, which explore human's perception with his environment (in particular his housing environment).

"Pascal Brateau has a reactiv approach where relationship between artworks, places and people defines a lot of his choices. Without to be specifically linked to particular territories, his thinking and his production are intimately linked to landscape, to situations and fonctionings." Valérie Horwitz

As Claire Fagnard defines réellité (french neologism with french words «real» and «reality») as "small worlds as such" against illlusionism of classical representation of the world*, he tries to build artworks as "possible world of its own" instead of representation of the world, but these artworks are always connected with real life, real people, real territory where they come to reality.

* in Art contemporain et relation d'altérité, Les frontières esthétiques de l'art, 1999 (contemporary art and otherness relationship, aesthetical borders of art)



Pascal Brateau, artist architect, shares his time between Nancy (F) and Berlin (D). He was recently nominated to the 7th art prize art-figura 2017 in Schwarzenberg (D), and to the Neukölln art-prize 2018 in Berlin. He has presented artworks internationally (France, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Açores, Japan, Canada, USA...)
His works slide from architecture to art with the question of the house.