pascal brateau

  • France (b. 1967)
  • Currently in Berlin, Germany.


  • aquabitArt
  • Auguststrasse 35
  • Berlin, Germany
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The Other Side Of The World

The Other Side Of The World

  • 2014
  • Wood
  • The design is rigourous but the execution, made with raw wood, and without taking measure, at a glance, is more sensuous ; nothing is strictly right and even if we see first a strong geometric work, we feel its small irregularities and imperfections.
  • 402 x 396 x 402 cm
  • supported by Kumamoto prefecture, Takamori town and ARTIST IN ASO COMMITTEE, Japan

  • About identity vs otherness, Japan vs Europe, TOSOTW ask emptyness and fullness, transparency but weight, thoughtlessness but mass, and plays on unity and whole. The wood is piled so as to form a cube from wich emerge the shape of an house up side on.

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    Artist In Aso | 2014

artistic residency in Aso mountains, city of Takamory, Kumamoto prefecture, Japan. with support by : Artist In Aso Commitee, Earth Art Museum, Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto, Art-Plex festival, city of Takamory, Aso City, Kumamoto city, Kumamoto prefecture. august 2014 - november 2014