Bruno Lavos Marques

  • Portugal (b. 1981 in Carvide)
  • Currently in Lisbon, Portugal.
  • 'Intervention & Site-specific Art. Walking the line as a path to draw. A Line can be a movement, a destiny, a memory, a wish for peace...'
'One more Tower in Babel'

'One more Tower in Babel'

  • 2013
  • Concrete block, Found objects, drawings and digital prints on cut-out aluminium plate.
  • 123 x 170 x 30 cm

  • 'My intention is to raise the discussion about the intensity of our collective organization... How can we still be humans without compromising the Earth's future?'

  • Blmart torre de babel detail
  • Blmart torre em babel detail 2
  • Blmart torre em babel full
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    Sculpture | 2012 - 2016