Bruno Lavos Marques

  • Portugal (b. 1981 in Carvide)
  • Currently in Lisbon, Portugal.
  • 'Intervention & Site-specific Art. Walking the line as a path to draw. A Line can be a movement, a destiny, a memory, a wish for peace...'


Movement is a contemporary human condition

'Bruno’s artwork creates aesthetic experiences of space transformation pawned in reveal human gesture.' *1 

‘Drawing is a very different activity for Bruno, more physical and less contemplatory. Whether made with pen and ink on paper, or using elas cated straps out in the public realm, the lines are less existential as Situationist - detournements of drawing as invasions of public space.’ *2

Through different mediums - drawing, sculpture, installation and photography - Bruno inner commitment is to reveal the physicality of the gesture.

Its signature material is elastic lines building trans-lucid geometries that defy the perception and the physical interaction of the spectator. These interventions are often moments of explosions that reflect a deep state of mind in dialogue with space.

He works the line not only as something with beginning and end, but rather as something that creates spaces of passage, which negotiates identities.

The artistic career of Bruno Lavos explores above all the sculpture as an action capable of transforming the movement into a drawing as a way of thinking the relation between these two ideas: space ́s physicality and humanity.

'Underpinning his work is a narrative expressing a skewed utopian position which artists take a more active role in the greater society.
  Such revolutionary perspectives are current in many anti-capitalist movements and Bruno´s practice charts a futuro-historical view on a world in wich this potential can be fully realised, along with experiments in wich small scale versions are enacted in the environment.
  Whether one is to view these imaginary cities and systems as utopian or dystopian remains open.' *2

*1) Mário Caeiro - designer, curator and tutor.
*2) Kit Hammonds - curator and tutor.


Bruno Lavos Marques (also known as Bruno ’Jamaica’) is a Portuguese-born visual artist focus in sculpture and site-specific installations.
From 2001-2006, studied Fine Arts - sculpture and printmaking - at ESAD, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal.  
Lives and works between London and Lisbon, and has participated in various international exhibitions in cities like London, Berlin, Madrid, Lisbon, São Paulo and Kaohsiung.

2015 - Selected for PAIR, PIER-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
2015 - Special invitation from Casa de Tijolo, Artist-in-residency, São Paulo.
2014 - Selected for Intercambiador ACART - Art residency, Madrid.
2013 - Invited to BFAMI auction, London.
2012 - Short listed to the Signature Art Prize - DegreeArt Gallery, London - In collaboration with Benedict Romain.
2010 - Selected for London Art Award Exhibition - Fringe Festival, London.
2010 - Granted a 'Enrique Silva research bursary' from Bienal de Cerveira, Portugal.
2009 - Selected for The Florence Trust - Art Residency, London.

2016 - 'III Forum Intermunicipal' - Public art commission - Torres Vedras e Lourinhã.
2016 - 'Tribos' Solo Exhibition - FCT/UNL, Lisbon.
2015 - 'A walk elsewhere' Group Exhibition - PIER-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
2015 - 'Ilha de Casca' - Casa de Tijolo Artist in Residency, São Paulo.
2014 - 'Bad Behaviour Open 2014' - Group exhibition - London.
2014 - 'Off the Wall' Group Exhibition - Art Catto, Conrad, Loulé, Portugal.
2013 - 'BFAMI Group Exhibition' - Christie’s King St, London.
2013 - ‘SupaModerns’ - Group exhibition - part of Art Licks Weekend - MotherStudios Space, London.
2012 - ‘Walk & Talk’ – Public Art Festival, Azores.
2012 - ‘International Biennale of Santorini’ - 'Victory of Thera' (collaboration with Benedict Romain), Santorini, Greece.
2012 - ‘SignatureArt Prize’ - Group Exhibition - 'Victory II' (collaboration with Benedict Romain) - DegreeArt Gallery, London.
2012 - ‘Der Goldene Kafig / The Golden Cage’ - Group exhibition - WhiteConcepts, KunstBüroBerlin, Berlin.
2011 - Nomadic Settlers - Settled Nomads’ - Group Exhibition - Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien, Berlin.
2010 - ‘Europa Toca-me’ - London Art Award - Fringe Festival, London.
2009 - The Florence Trust - Group Exhibition, London.
2008 - Push & Pull - FCT/UNL, Lisbon.
2006 - Luzboa - International Biennale in the theme of light, Lisboa.

2015 - PIER-2 Art Center (PAIR), Taiwan.
2015 - Casa de Tijolo, São Paulo.
2014 - Intercambiador ACART, Madrid.
2010 - Hotel 25, Berlin.
2008/2009 - The Florence Trust, London.

2012 - 'Signature Art Prize', London.
2010 - 'London Art Award' shortlisted - Fringe Festival, London.
2009 - 'Bolsa Henrique Silva' - Bienal de Cerveira, Portugal.

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