Domonkos Benyovszky-Szucs

  • Hungary (b. 1986 in Budapest)


Semele I.

Semele I.

  • 2014
  • Oil on Canvas
  • 75 x 68 cm
  • Diana - thumbnail Semele I. - thumbnail Danae - thumbnail Scylla - thumbnail Atlas - thumbnail Endymion - thumbnail Plutus - thumbnail Io - thumbnail Venus Pudica - thumbnail Hemera - thumbnail Midas - thumbnail Venus - thumbnail Semele II. - thumbnail Prometheus - thumbnail Hades - thumbnail Niobe - thumbnail Eris - thumbnail Prometheus - thumbnail Philomela - thumbnail Bacchus - thumbnail Zephyrus - thumbnail Priapus - thumbnail Orpheus - thumbnail Tantalus - thumbnail Aurora - thumbnail

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    Metamorphosis | 2012 - 2014

Metamorphosis is an investigation of the changed meaning of contemporary depiction of nakedness. In this work I linked the aesthetic and pornographic side of naked bodies in the media to the traditional idealistic nude. In Metamorphosis I converted the impersonal nudity into classical mythological symbols. For Metamorphosis I generated digital defects in videos, resulting photographs that evoke the sensual nature of painting. The appropriated images in lack of context are isolated from the original narrative. For me time is crucial in the photos, because the grabbed images also include parts of the previous scenes, so they are like imprints of a process. It seems to me that these distortions make visible the methods of representing the body in a luscious way, which methods otherwise would be transparent.