Adéla Součková

  • Czech Republic (b. 1985 in Opava)
  • Currently in Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Imaginatively questioning power structures Adéla Součková develops a complex and critical pictorial language that overlaps from drawing to performance, installation, video, poetry and sound collaborations.
Circle of Venuses

Circle of Venuses

  • 2017

  • indigo dye on fabrics, sprouting potatoes,variable dimensions, circle diameter approx. 9 meters, 2017

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    On the Earth awakening from a restless dream | 2017

ON THE EARTH includes sound installation with my self written lyrics: Lyrics: Me, Sound: Markéta Lisá, voice: Olivie Adamsová, rap: Bio Masha Tschechisches Zentrum Berlin, 2017, Berlin, curated by Karina Kottová, indigo dye on cloth Exhibited also: in Orient exhibition, kim?, Riga, Bozar, Brussels, Bunkier Sztuki, Cracow, Centro checo, Milan Topic: Planet Earth is describing herself, her developenent, her children and also what she plans to do with us. Writing and publishing this text has a certain ritual healing importance for me. Because it features symbolicaly harmonising the existence of The Planet and basicaly getting rid of instrumentalising attitude to reality. I’m one divided into parts parts of myself becoming us a bottomless swamp producing endlessly and taking it all back again I’m a mother Giving birth day and night and I have a child who/that got frightened by my birthing tore my body into parts From my palms he created plains From my flesh all lands rise My bones – all stones in the mountains My breasts – the highest peaks My mouth – depths of the ocean My veins – rivers and streams I’m one divided into parts parts of my character My motion changes the oceans into land continents of soil are my thoughts and the seas give them form from water my children rise ashore they find their minds they start to speak and from the sea they fish (out) names they name the world each of my parts to enlighten their own minds I embrace them they embrace me back My thoughts are continents and between them unmapped oceans unthinkable I separate and sew the shores (back together) one by one creating borders distancing thought from thought country from country, land from land and then definitions arise and when it’s overdosed you begin to see me with new eyes when defining your borders you begin to cross mine For you I became land a land to be named For you I became a sphere a sphere to be known and crossed For you I became a map a map to be read For you I became a thought a thought to be shaped For you I became a cage a cage of gold to protect you from the unknown For you I became a net connecting all with everything everything to be named and chained For you I became a thought an abstracted me to be reflected rather than lived You—Children of rationality with opinions without feelings with truths without a touch with information without wisdom look at your roots long forgotten hidden underneath your interpretations your projections you see my hands as your hard-drives my flesh as your data my bones as your wires wires under my oceans you see my hair as neural networks feeding your virtual needs you (only) forget your sanity is mine and so I return the eternal whore, virgin and your mother to reboot my fertility to recollect my body parts visible but unseen raped by your misconceptions I’ll turn you back into my mind My anger is wild, not to be calmed And so I dance and through my dance I’ll eat up all your generations your ancestors descendants all that was and is yet to come I shall chew up your language devour your bodies to freshen my air – to purify my fire to fertilise my land My waters will rise and flood your minds and flood your lands because that’s all mine my fires will burn burn down your life your thoughts will melt melt in the light blurring metamorphoses come with boiling water, with burning air and then I’ll make you synchronise your breath with mine I peel (down) the layers of my past, there is an age to come with my body rising through my mind On the battlefield of consciousness the time of my mind and that of the screen have met there’s no return, no way back you shine on the screen and it shines back Under the sun time stops it’s a sign of the Golden Age rays of data seep through every nook of my body at the speed of cancer thoughts absorbed by the light lose their form Fertilised by the data and mirrored in your browsers I collect all of my virtualised body and I bring back my flesh into being because you have absorbed everything and I’ll absorb you and My Children shine on the desktop and the monitor shines back on them they walk through the motherboard on the other side they find a new land From the rivers of my veins they drink In the gorges of my wrinkles they eat My smile is blinding My motion breaks them their minds become golden Then spring comes, and children of rationality, reborn on the other side begin to look for their own voice and for the voice of their surroundings because they know that without it they are lost