Lőrinc Borsos

  • Hungary (b. 2000 in Budapest)
  • Currently in Székesfehérvár, Hungary.
  • Lilla Lőrinc (1980), and János Borsos (1979) work together since 2008 as Lőrinc Borsos. The name covers an entity with its own creative consciousness. His/her age is currently 10 years.


  • 2016
  • Enamel on nothing
  • 30 x 20 cm

  • Nonentity 2016 300dpi3
  •  mg 9329 edit
  • good funeral, bad funeral - thumbnail etalon - thumbnail flag - thumbnail biggie smalls, biggie smalls, biggie smalls - thumbnail byproduct - thumbnail tool-kit - thumbnail clipboard - thumbnail "at the end, what was left of him also died" - thumbnail unfinished inventory - thumbnail the true face of enlightenment - thumbnail Sanctus Nemo - thumbnail fuck kapoor black - thumbnail cockpit: “it isn’t that we don’t trust you, joe, but this time we’ve decided to go over your head.” - thumbnail the old testament hero - thumbnail isolation - thumbnail legion - thumbnail apparition - thumbnail no means no - thumbnail statue of the unknown god - thumbnail

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    nonentity | 2016

"God will make man see things, if it is only against the black background of nonentity"* In the site-specific installation Lőrinc Borsos wishes to use the material “Blaek” as a metaphor of his/her own existence. He/she attempts to make the glossy black enamel paint talk along the lines of – and despite – its function and qualities, and then spread it out as a background, and editing board, in order to find correlations between past and current events of the passion of humanity. The eventuality of the starting of the process is indicated by randomness, that is, the transference of the right to decide to different forces of nature and minimal painterly gestures, and is stimulated further by mechanical installations. Throughout the experiment, the effort of rational control is replaced by the practice of letting go. Beyond expression through painting reduced to ornamental quality, the elements of the exhibition are ordinary objects overdriven in their operation or deprived of their functions – and even dead creatures. Separately they are nothings, but together they are foreshadowing a global conspiracy theory. “there will be no colours now. just black. glossy black. and peacocks, astronauts, earthquake and whirlwind. things and events against the black background of nonentity. tribute to the insignificants of this world who have been found worthy of encountering the absurd.” 2016. Solo show, Institute for Contemporary Art, Dunaújváros, photo: Aron Weber