Charlie Dance

  • United Kingdom (b. 1986)
  • Currently in United Kingdom.
  • Charlie Dance (b. 1986, UK) is a visual artist working in experimental film, animation, collage and writing. His most recent works are ‘Lenny and Ostrich’ and ‘Cucumbers for the Future’.
The History of Trees in India

The History of Trees in India

  • 2014
  • Digital Photograph, edition of 20
  • 42 x 60 cm
  • 7 Part Photographic Series

  • The tree is sacred in India. When used as shrines, they're never removed or desecrated. The creation of a shrine can be seen as reclaiming space, knowing that it will never be removed or destroyed. Anyone can make a shrine, no one can un-make a shrine.

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  • Lenny and the Ostrich - thumbnail Cucumbers for the Future, 2017 - thumbnail Manifesto Piece - thumbnail A Book of Snow - thumbnail A Book of Snow - thumbnail The Difficulty of Thinking About Things in a Straight Line, or: Why Have I Recorded This Audio With My Windows Open? - thumbnail The History of Trees in India - thumbnail We Are All Revolutionaries - thumbnail The Death of Bruce Nauman - thumbnail Meeting Peter Sellers - thumbnail Making Work Hard - thumbnail A Notebook - thumbnail The Running Field - thumbnail The Shit Plant - thumbnail An Exercise - thumbnail Tadeusz (with Swans) - thumbnail

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