Charlie Dance

  • United Kingdom (b. 1986)
  • Currently in United Kingdom.
  • Charlie Dance (b. 1986, UK) is a visual artist working in experimental film, animation, collage and writing. His most recent works are ‘Lenny and Ostrich’ and ‘Cucumbers for the Future’.


A dedication to the minor, the trivial, the discarded and the fleeting. I work at scrutinising trivialities, the things that ordinarily pass us by, in order to understand and maintain their cultural relevance, to gauge their role in the ‘bigger’ picture. Here I also track my own position, monitoring dictatorial, passive or intermediary relationships. Being aware of my role and that of the viewer, whether of a philosophical complexity or material simplicity.

Works begin from the everyday; reading, walking, observation, nothingness. They are captured and held down in some way; note taking, photography, an SMS to a friend… Some ideas are worked on immediately, whilst others may sit for some time. At a certain point I develop the works through writing, where I crystallize, or fossilize them, articulating and de/ciphering them.

This processing of the works results in pieces that use photography, performance, text, film or drawing.

The intention is to observe, speculate and keep an eye upon the out-of-focus.


Charlie Dance was born under a different name and under a different flag to the ones under which he now lives.  Born in 1986 he went to study for his BFA at Glasgow School of Art and completed that in 2010. He stayed in Glasgow for a time before beginning to travel and work on projects throughout Europe and Asia, he completed his MFA in 2015 at the Dutch Art Institute (DAI).