Charlie Dance

  • United Kingdom (b. 1986)
  • Currently in United Kingdom.
  • Charlie Dance (b. 1986, UK) is a visual artist working in experimental film, animation, collage and writing. His most recent works are ‘Lenny and Ostrich’ and ‘Cucumbers for the Future’.
Making Work Hard

Making Work Hard

  • 2015
  • 240 min

  • A collaboration between Charlie Dance and Marie-Andree Pellerin. A happening on a small ranch in Texas, a hole was dug, a volcano constructed, poetry and manifesto readings, a fire followed by a collective struggle to collapse the volcano into its hole.

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  • Lenny and the Ostrich - thumbnail Cucumbers for the Future, 2017 - thumbnail Manifesto Piece - thumbnail A Book of Snow - thumbnail A Book of Snow - thumbnail The Difficulty of Thinking About Things in a Straight Line, or: Why Have I Recorded This Audio With My Windows Open? - thumbnail The History of Trees in India - thumbnail We Are All Revolutionaries - thumbnail The Death of Bruce Nauman - thumbnail Meeting Peter Sellers - thumbnail Making Work Hard - thumbnail A Notebook - thumbnail The Running Field - thumbnail The Shit Plant - thumbnail An Exercise - thumbnail Tadeusz (with Swans) - thumbnail

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