Klára Lázničková

  • Czech Republic (b. 1995 in Brno)
  • Currently in Praha, Brno, Ostrava, Czech Republic.
  • Classical painter and intermedial artist. My focus is mainly between painting, especially tigers, redrawings old cartoon jokes, participation in Global Genocide group and performing in duvet covers.
Visual poem installation

Visual poem installation

  • 2020

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    Visual Poem | 2020

This semestral work was made in the form of wallpaper. It’s called Visual Poem. It deals with possibilities of communication - transmission of information or impression through visual way. I applied pictorial text on a column with A4 format papers. It was supposed to evoke advertisiment on wallpapering rollers. Repeating and in-line arrangement of the wallpaper looks for me similar to a (lyrical) poem. Its content is perceived primarily intuitively - in the form of association through the image component. Negative stimulus on the mind (related for example with climatic crisis or the rush of time…) makes me feel stressed, sad and anxious. But my mind wants to resist of negative stimulus. It create a defensive system in the form of positive images - they glitch itself. My mind tries to escape to the safe zone. This safe zone is found in nostalgia and childhood, especially in pure children’s interests and ideals – like admiration of spring flowers or esteem for trees. The poem illustrates my clogged mind reflecting in it self the pressure of society and the state of the world. The topic is generally the principle of how children look at the world - with pure love and passion, which I want to remind in some way to adult lethargic world.