Klára Lázničková

  • Czech Republic (b. 1995 in Brno)
  • Currently in Praha, Brno, Ostrava, Czech Republic.
  • Classical painter and intermedial artist. My focus is mainly between painting, especially tigers, redrawings old cartoon jokes, participation in Global Genocide group and performing in duvet covers.


1. My long-term topics mostly are: use of the visual language and its best properties for communication, another topic is some contemplation over human relationship with landscape in which we live (and its opposition with breeding fauna and flora in our flats – homes), topic of nostalgia and its connection with childhood and its purity. I often try to create a suggestive situations which transmits immediacy and childhood humility towards nature, because I think that the adult world is much more lethargic. And I like to work with some naivety.

2. Most of my projects are close to the motto of Francis Alys: Sometimes doing something poetic can become political and sometimes doing something political can become poetic.

3. My practice started in studio of classical painting. I started to work with reduction of redundant visuality into minimal basis. My abstracted expression soon began to oscillate on the edge of naivety. So I have started to consciously play with childishness which I nowadays use not only directly in motives but also in the gestures - in the way in which I conceptualize my projects. It somehow rooted in my style an work. In my intermedial projects I still preserve the theme of visuality but I try to work more intensively with current political and environmental issues. Beside the childishness - or maybe thanks to it - I am also interested in possibilities of non-verbal communication and its suggestivity. Most of my projects are actually based on invention and usage of some kind of specific visual language. I often use nostalgia, which is gateway to the viewer who through his memories comes close to childhood which I put it in the contrast with the adult and cold logic of capitalism and neoliberal politics.

4. I chose my topic naturally according to my interests and my character. My motives are influenced by the way I live, what I am, how I look and by current events in the world around us. (I am a small woman and I enjoy working with it.) Besides intermedial projectcs I keep coming back to the medium of painting (and drawing). I focus on theme based on examination of main advantages of this medium, that lend my to the work with feelings - with sensual ability that this medium undoubtedly has.

5. My biggest future plan is to create mocumentary film following the project Nature by Man with vision of a destroyed antropocentric world without animals. The world in which we must replace our desire for endangered exotic fauna by ourselves. Also I would like to continue with drawing in its extended field. I plan to create my own anecdotas or illustrations and make illustrated songbook of activist and environmental songs. With songs I have more plans for example I would like to write and rewrite, sing (and illustrate) songs about our changing countryside and nature. I especially plan to write folk songs or poems which sound similiar to actual songs what we known since childhood. I mean nursery rhymes about our typical fauna and flora (that mostly announce changing season). The most typical are songs about coming of spring what indicate flowers like primrose, snowdrop and coltsfoot. So inspired by the function of these old songs, I would like to write about new phenomenons in (central european) landscape that definitely goes through transformation these days. I mean, for example, arrival of the new species of living organisms in our landscape. Someone's of them are only new weird inhabitants, for example like jackal, who expanded into our nature and for now it does not seem like big threat. On the other hand, here comes really expansive species like knotweed as well known to us or nutria or spanish slug, which really have the power to change the form and image of the biosphere and even worse lower the diversity of our countryside. They also evict and oppress the indigenous species of fauna and flora, which is the main character in folk songs mentioned above. So I would like to try to describe truthfully and in unbiased way this new upcoming face of our nature.


Curriculum vitae

Klára Lázničková (1995), living in Ostrava and Brno


• 2019-now: Master’s study at Faculty of Fine Arts, BUT, Studio Environment, Barbora Klimova
• 2018-now: Master’s study at Faculty of Fine Arts, OSU, Studio of Painting 1, Daniel Balaban
• 2015-2018: Bachelor’s study at Faculty of Fine Arts, OSU, Studio of Painting 1, Daniel Balaban
◦ SS 2016/2017 internship at Faculty of Fine Arts, BUT, Studio Environment, Barbora Klimova
◦ WS 2016/2017 internship at Faculty of Fine Arts, BUT, Studio of Painting 2, Luděk Rathousky
• 2011-2015: Secondary School of Applied Arts and Higher School of Applied Arts, Prague


• 2020
◦ Final solution to the children question, exhibition at the Billboart Gallery with Global Genocide Collective, FUD UJEP, Ústí nad Labem
• 2020
◦ Intervention to the ODS campaign (during senate elections), performance with Global Genocide Collective, Brno
• 2020
◦ March for the sand on villas, performance with Global Genocide Collective, intervention to ecological March for the water for people at Veselí nad Moravou
• 2020
◦ 1/2 decade of Painting 1, Gallery HYB4, Praha (collective)
• 2019
◦ Only those who try harder will survive, pedagogical intervention performance, lecturer accompanying program with Global Genocide Collective, Gallery 209 at the FaVU Christmas party, Brno
• 2019
◦ Party-Extinct-Repeat, 3-day long performance with Global Genocide Collective, Teren - CED,Brno
• 2019
◦ Pilgrimage to Stara Boleslav - st. Anthony (collective)
• 2018
◦ exhibition of bachelor thesis Tygo Dream (Pneuservis, VEGA healthy food, Ostrava City Library branch office Daliborova, Maryčka - cafe, Žalak - pub, Plato - wc in gallery, Salvation Army, Boček - bakery, FER@NET net - cafe, Salt cave Halos)
• 2018
◦ Comfort balcony, Mine Michal, Ostrava (collective)
• 2017
◦ Studio Environment - To All, Cyril gallery, Prostějov (collective)
• 2015
◦ Mystery puzzle, Teplarna cafe, Brno
◦ Pilgrimage to Stara Boleslav (collective)
• 2014
◦ Pilgrimage to Stara Boleslav (collective)