Klára Lázničková

  • Czech Republic (b. 1995 in Brno)
  • Currently in Praha, Brno, Ostrava, Czech Republic.
  • Classical painter and intermedial artist. My focus is mainly between painting, especially tigers, redrawings old cartoon jokes, participation in Global Genocide group and performing in duvet covers.
Archival Poem, part of the print, 2017

Archival Poem, part of the print, 2017

  • 2020

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    Archival Poem | 2020

This semestral work deals with archive of family records in electronic form. My Archival poem includes collected materials like forgotten videos which documents first three years of life of my little sister. I have found this videos in our electronic mess - in our cards and disks. All of these videos have topic of my sister and their progress and all are recorded in our living room. This is equivalent to the fact hat each such videos include sounds of TV in their background. In my poem I rewrite contains of these videos. In right side you can see column where it is written what my sister did. With distance of years it look like that she did nothing. For example she tries to catch a dog or eat croissant or brush her teeth. In the left side is exact transcribe of TV sounds. Specifically I rewrote hearable parts of the dialogues that came from TV shows like crime detective stories, documents about nature etc. In the end of this poem are quotations which contains names of programs, TV stations and time and year of its playing. Poem keeps, show us and reveals little bit sensitive and unwanted information about our free time with mass media much more than about newborn life.