Klára Lázničková

  • Czech Republic (b. 1995 in Brno)
  • Currently in Praha, Brno, Ostrava, Czech Republic.
  • Classical painter and intermedial artist. My focus is mainly between painting, especially tigers, redrawings old cartoon jokes, participation in Global Genocide group and performing in duvet covers.
Tygodream, installation - tire service, 2018

Tygodream, installation - tire service, 2018

  • 2020

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  • Tygodream, installation - Salvation Army, 2018 - thumbnail Tygodream, installation - tire service, 2018 - thumbnail

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    Tygo Dream | 2020

My bachelor thesis called Tygo Dream is focused of sensitive and suggestive properties of painting. In many cases, I identified myself with thought and theories of modern painters for example: The image is a chaise lounge for the soul. I have created series of paintings (Tiger, Palm, Fable) that deals with this topic. The whole work was made in a slightly exaggerated tone. One of the main aims was to prevent the fear that was evident in the post-election Ostrava. I used the classic method of oil painting and installed created paintings in semi-public spaces in Ostrava. Without much ambition, I let them to perform their common (contemplative, meditative, aesthetical and decorative) functions. Places: Pneuservis, VEGA healthy food, Ostrava City Library branch office Daliborova, Maryčka - cafe, Žalák - pub, Plato - wc in gallery, Salvation Army, Boček - bakery, FER@NET net - cafe, Salt cave Halos.