Vladimir Marnix Ivaneanu

  • Belgium (b. 1977 in Gent)
  • Currently in Gent, Belgium.


Since the end of my art studies my work has been mainly influenced by the famous shakespearean expression "All the world is a stage and men and women merely players".
As a son of a set designer I got in touch with theater at a very early age but soon felt the urge to do something different in my own work, not so much because theater didn't interest me but mainly because I wanted to distanciate myself from my father. You know, that Freudian thing.

So I approached theater rather from a philosophical and meta point of view and thus theater became for me a metaphor for the daily life and we can be seen as the main actors in our own theater plays.  In my work this border between theater and daily life, actor and human being gets blurry and the definitions of reality and art get questioned. What is an actor/ human being? What is theater/ daily life? Is art theater or reality? Is reality art?
In my most recent works the central idea of "all the world is a stage" got enriched by the fascination for how we as human being coop with the idea that it is very difficult to distinguish reality from theater or as Roland Barthes would state: the natural from the constructed.