Tomáš Blažek

  • Czech Republic (b. 1989 in Hradec kralove)
  • Currently in Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Sculptor and architect, *1989 Czechia Studied sculpture on Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno. Co-Author of several architectural pieces in Central Europe, member of czech artist institutions as Umelecka Beseda or UVU (Union of Visual Artists).


  • Lucia Heverová / Galerie Artuare
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • 11000


Blazek works intensively on  "parameterization of sculpture", meaning sculptures and especially a method of spatially expressing the connections and relationships of mathematics and programming directly in the object.


Contemporary experimental digital graphic works and something what has become known as "glitch art" in the last few years has impact. Glitch is a sudden, usually temporary, failure or irregularity of a device, a technique used to alter an image. Woody Vašulka started working with these effects and often mistakes in electronics a generation earlier, but the conscious spread of the so-called glitch is only happening these days. If the digital glitch is based on the transcription of the source code and the entry of an error or typo, in three-dimensional form it could analogically be shifts and random multiplications of individual parts of the sculpture, ie matter in defined coordinates x, y, z. Now known in architecture, AAD, ie algorithms aided design, or also known as parametricism, is a contemporary progressive direction in architecture, leading to the shaping of matter according to the principles of mathematics and programming. It is a kind of programmable material. In combination with the methods and procedures of parametric modeling and with the same intention from digital glitch graphics, it will be a matter of connecting two to three created fields and finding a similar and middle path now also in sculpture itself.

Specifics: Using parametric modelling and digital enviroment in sculpting as well as in painting as a key for understanding aesthetics in artworks. Much younger and directy experimental workflow and art compared to his fellows. Bringing innovations in blobitecture (contemporary architectural style) and parametric modelling into sculpture. Enters digitally manipulated images (hand painted as well as video-mapped projections).  No creator has yet surpassed more art disciplines with these computerly innovative intentions and creative solutions.

Methods,themes: Quite classic themes derived from nature and figure is a key for continuation of the tradition of Czech painting and sculpture, but in innovative contemporary ways.

Vision: "I'd like to explore parametric design in sense of truly "glitch art" movement, applied to sculpted objects. That has not been explored yet in artworld.", describes Tomas Blazek.

1989 Born in Hradec Kralove
2005 Starts to paint, close to stuckism
2008 Enters architecture studies, CTU in Prague
2010 First exhibition, Trafacka Gallery, Prague
2014 Graduates from Faculty of Architecture
2015 Lives and paints in Roma, Italy
2017 Returns back to Prague in Czechia
2017 Studying sculpture in Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno
2020 Engaged
2021 Graduates in sculpture - Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno
2022 Have Children


  • Digital Manifesto, founding text of the artistic current, 2016, Prague, 1st edition