Šárka Koudelová

  • Czech Republic (b. 1987 in České budějovice)
  • Currently in Prague, Czech Republic.



Although painting is the core of my work, I use almost any media possible in my installations. My goal is to transfer the visual perceptions and emotions as accurately as I can. My work is based on the interpretation of historical works and facts. We perceive history and the geopolitical situation as a given reality, but I try to show the audience that time is not just linear and our society concept is not as stable as it may seem. Even my own work is unambiguous because it always contains a number of references, it can be interpreted differently.
Recently, I feel a lot of pressure on the social scene, which seems to imply the slight political tinge of the planned exhibitions, which will follow up on my work. I am interested in polemics of such a clichés as are geopolitacal names of "west" and "east".