James Morgan Taylor

  • United Kingdom (b. 1991 in Neath)
  • Currently in Teddington, United Kingdom.
  • Painter currently based in South West London.



As a painter, I have an obligation to investigate the motives and reasoning behind my practice and the multifaceted forms through which my practice manifests itself. Often my work is dictated by the materialism and the physicality of the application of paint.

Current themes that are evident within my practice are the exploration of modernist values: maintaining a strong discourse between historical modernism and a contemporary process driven approach

There can been seen to be an ongoing progression of process through experimenting with materials; a constant shift and flux that is always opening new avenues of discovery within my practice; creating paintings that intrigue and confuse the viewer.

Organic forms are juxtaposed with crisp, almost industrial pictorial imagery; which gives my paintings a playful yet ominous atmosphere - underlined by speculative colourism.