Adrian Altman

  • Czech Republic (b. 1993 in Prague)
  • Currently in Barcelona, Spain.
Gagnsta Rap Made Me Do This

Gagnsta Rap Made Me Do This

  • 2017
  • thug life; living in the streets a protest against the system through anonymous vandalism the essence of individual freedom suffaceted by the ballast of convention a statement and a gesture; a street poet’s silent wail...

  • ...words of resistance expressed through a spray bought with pocket money a drawing of a cunt as a symbol of exuberant love acab because as seen on the internet life on the streets; hot dinner everyday hood: lil czechia.

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  • Kind of Like Spitting - thumbnail Treat Me Like Trash, Cause That's All I Am - thumbnail Product Placement - thumbnail Come Dine With Adrian Altman - thumbnail Painting.jpeg - thumbnail I Bet You Won't Cry - thumbnail Spectators Disease - thumbnail Gagnsta Rap Made Me Do This - thumbnail

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