Parinya Champ

  • United States (b. 1984 in Manhattan)
  • Currently in Siam, Thailand.
  • Parinya Champ is a Los Angeles-based artist attempting to map a higher dimensional realm of consciousness known as Hyperspace.
Mirrors & Cathedrals

Mirrors & Cathedrals

  • 2019
  • Mirrors & Cathedrals - thumbnail A Mirror. Dis Appears. - thumbnail Untitled - thumbnail Antarctica Pyramids Disclosure - thumbnail Ja Lus Phowa Chenpo - thumbnail Transcendental Object at the End of Time (Valley of Death) - thumbnail Sphere Being Alliance - thumbnail 1989 Celestellaria - thumbnail Astralscape - thumbnail Space Mountain II - thumbnail Building Cathedrals II - thumbnail Kaleidoscape - thumbnail Cathedral Space - thumbnail Landscapes of the Hyperspace (Pinwheel) - thumbnail Color Space I, Color Space II, Color Space III - thumbnail Landscapes of the Hyperspace (Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles) - thumbnail The Lie is Different at Every Level - thumbnail Hall of Mirrors - thumbnail Landscapes of the Hyperspace (Silverlake, Los Angeles) - thumbnail Overview Effect - thumbnail

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    Landscapes of the Hyperspace | 2015 - 2019

Parinya Champ is an artist attempting to map a higher dimensional state of consciousness known as Hyperspace—a realm existing outside of time that is imbued with decadent fractal landscapes of intelligent kaleidoscopic light. His photo series, Landscapes of the Hyperspace, is an attempt at visually charting transcendent spaces encountered on his journeys to the farthest reaches of human consciousness. Using large-format prints, his works depict hauntingly vibrant psychedelic geometric abstractions he has arranged into compositions that depart from a third dimensional plane—on the verge of losing representation to reality—seemingly inhabiting impossible non-representational spaces. These hyperdimensional scenes are sophisticated constructions he has created from holograms, paint, and polyhedrons.