Parinya Champ

  • United States (b. 1984 in Manhattan)
  • Currently in Siam, Thailand.
  • Parinya Champ is a Los Angeles-based artist attempting to map a higher dimensional realm of consciousness known as Hyperspace.


My contemporary art practice developed into a transdisciplinary approach as I became entranced by research in the realm of consciousness sciences. The greatest secret of all is that an entire world exists outside our mainstream reality—a world of unimaginable connectedness and mystical knowledge that has been deliberately suppressed from the public sphere by unseen groups for as long as human civilization has been present.

My first encounter with this knowledge began in 2007 when I discovered a phenomenon above the north pole of Saturn—a perfectly geometric hexagon of colossal magnitude that I later learned was formed from workings of an inherent Hyperdimensional Physics present in all objects. This esoteric physics is not taught in mainstream curriculum nor is accepted by academic institution due to the fact that it has been hijacked by a secret space program that has been using advanced exotic technologies built from suppressed knowledge of Hyperdimensional Physics. This ultra-secret program has been able to covertly explore and colonize our solar system since the 1930’s. This program is controlled by an omnipotent military-industrial-complex that has no U.S. Congressional oversight nor does it adhere to the laws of the Constitution. Since its inception, it has been secretly funneling trillions of dollars from all world governments, world banks, and world religions to construct vast infrastructures on the Moon, Mars, and almost every other planetary body throughout our solar system and beyond.

Key whistleblowers from these ultra-secret space programs have recently come out into the public sphere to disclose to the world their fascinating experiences. These heroic citizens describe our universe as a vastly layered holographic singularity comprising of infinite levels of dimensions or “densities”. There are innumerable extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional groups that inhabit the 3rd-dimensional reality we live in as well as throughout the higher dimensions and densities. This is the same knowledge that has been taught by ancient eastern philosophies for thousands of years. It was quite recently that advanced initiates among Tibetan Monks have disclosed once closely guarded secrets regarding the nature of reality and the ability to access and travel into higher dimensional densities using advanced understandings of meditation. Their level of understanding of the human consciousness is consummate. They have shown researchers of the Western world a taste of their abilities such as transcendental states of meditation, telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, healing, and the amazing ability of bodily transcending physical reality into pure light—an enlightened state of being known as the practice of achieving Rainbow Body.

The most important issue of our times has been to steer our planet away from an impending destruction—environmentally, technologically, socially, politically, and spiritually. Due to an informational critical mass that has been reached on the internet regarding the existence of a secret space program and the existence of extra-terrestrials, the human race for the very first time in history can unite toward a push for Global Disclosure—the unveiling of knowledge of extraterrestrial groups—to advance mankind into a galactic membership with these groups—to utilize exotic free-energy technology that these groups possess that will solve all of Earth’s problems from dependence on fossil fuels and catastrophic nuclear energy. It is these free-energy devices which the secret space program has hidden from the rest of the world. The extraterrestrial groups explain it is time for us to have positive-intentioned control over these technologies to clean up our earth and usher mankind into a new Golden Age of consciousness that has been predicted by ancient civilizations throughout history.

In my recent photo series titled, “Landscapes of the Hyperspace", I am attempting to map the infinite expanse of the higher dimensional realms by building abstract landscapes that allude to recalled fragmented memories of my entheogenic journeys. I build these landscapes of light, paint, and planar objects which I then photograph into complex compositions with hauntingly vibrant palettes and holograms. I refer to the objects used in my constructions as “devices”—they depict a menial semblance to an otherwise otherworldly realm of infinite intricate decadence—a place of mythos throughout history seen in the sacred geometry of labyrinthian Gothic cathedrals of the West and the scintillatingly jeweled stone temples of the East. It is in this vastly unexplored terrain where sacred geometry is encountered—an abstracted yet seemingly impossible space—imbued with a self-aware intelligence—it is an ineffable presence to encounter—it is fully cognizant of my presence into its world—it was somehow born from light and will never go dark—it is the embodiment of duality—it is the still centeredness described in the eternal Tao. Accessing these higher realms can occur through deep meditation by altering states of consciousness through the lens of entheogens such as psilocybin or dimethyltryptamine (DMT). Here is an entirely untapped vibrant world infused with infinite universal knowledge on a scale unfathomable to the limited human mind constrained by boundaries of time. The human condition has been distracted from the power of its own consciousness—it is time for us to awaken from the unrealized dreams of materialism—and destroy the façade that has prevented clarity between spirit and science.

–Parinya Champ


Parinya Champ (b. 1984, Manhattan) is an artist and researcher who currently lives and works in Los Angeles and Bangkok. His art practice is a discourse in hyperdimensional research.