Mark Martinko

  • Hungary (b. 1985 in Budapest)
  • Currently in Budapest, Hungary.



  • 2019
  • 3D print, steel, plexiglass, stereo sound installation 79 x 68.5 x 137.5 cm

  • sound:

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    1:10000 | 2019

The project titled 1:10000 is an abstract city model generated from sound by computer programs and finally materialized by 3D printing technology. The basis of the idea to create a city-like abstract model from industrial noises is inspired by the city of Dunaújváros. I was raised in that town, which was founded in the utopian hope to design and build an ideal socialist industrial city at the center of Hungary in the 1950s. Eventually the idea to increase heavy industry in Hungary by developing the Duna Ironworks (initially named the Stalin Ironworks) lead to build a city that could serve the factory by being home of the hard-working people of socialism. Reflecting on this historical phenomenon I decided to build a 3D mock-up of a new, futuristic metropolis from the noise of the ironworks by creatively using various technologies. I recorded several hours of sound in the steel foundry and used 3 minutes and 33 seconds of this to create the model. I worked with computer programs written specifically for this project to convert the sound into an image of audio spectrum and then transform this into a 3D model. The three variables used by the programs were time, frequency and amplitude. Some fundamental rules were adjusted in the program code. For instance the shape of the model and the distance of rectangular blocks which are shaped by the result of sampling. I chose a hexagon as the base for the model because this was a very popular shape with urban planners in the early 20th century. The honeycomb grid appeared frequently in their idealized town plans but somehow was never used on a large scale. What worked well on layouts, did not so in real life. Just as in the case of planning and building the utopian city of Dunaújváros.