Mark Martinko

  • Hungary (b. 1985 in Budapest)
  • Currently in Budapest, Hungary.




  • 2019
  • 3D print, steel, plexiglass, stereo sound installation 79 x 68.5 x 137.5 cm

  • sound:

  • 1 10000 01
  • 1 10000 04
  • 1 10000 02
  • 1 10000 03
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    1:10000 | 2019

Heavy industry – the Duna Ironworks (initially named the Stalin Ironworks) – was developed in Dunaújváros in the 1950s as the result of a utopian idea to design and build an ideal industrial city. This thinking forms the basis of my project. I knew right from the start that I would like to work with the characteristic industrial sounds of Dunaújváros. I hoped to build a 3D mock-up of a new, futuristic city from the noise of the ironworks by creatively using various technologies. I recorded several hours of sound in the steel foundry and used 3 hours and 33 minutes of this to create the model. I worked with computer programs written specifically for this project to convert the audio spectrum image into a 3D model. The three variables used by the programs were time, frequency and amplitude. I chose a hexagon as the base for the model because this was a very popular shape with urban planners in the early 20th century. The honeycomb grid appeared frequently in their idealized town plans but somehow was never used on a large scale.