Mark Martinko

  • Hungary (b. 1985 in Budapest)
  • Currently in Budapest, Hungary.



In my art practice I mainly deal with conceptual photography, videography and mixed media installations. My artworks are built around a core concept that reflects on the nature of human thinking and its impact on the environment.

Most of my projects have been inspired by artificial spaces both real and virtual, and influenced by science fiction culture. I'm also interested in researching transmediality, data visualization and exploring new technologies.

I started my art practice with experimental and staged photography, but searching the boundaries of the medium I have quickly realized that I have broader possibilities if I use other technical devices as well.

I usually develop my projects in multiple layers. I intend to create artworks that function as conceptual and analytical reflections on the processed theme and the used medium itself, but possibly attract the attention of people also outside the art scene.


Márk Martinkó was born in Budapest, in 1985, and he was raised in Dunaújváros. After completing his master’s degree at the Media Technology and Media Communication Department of the Budapest Tech in 2009, he continued his studies at the Fotografus Foundation School of Photography. He is a member of the Studio of Young Photographers (FFS), and the Studio of Young Artists' Association (FKSE). His work has been acknowledged both by various awards (Talentometer, Water Connects photo competition) and special prizes. His photo series have been acclaimed by the committees of the International Photography Awards (IPA) and LensCulture, Earth competition. Since 2008, he has regularly participated in joint and solo exhibitions, both in Hungary and abroad.