Jakub Roček

  • Czech Republic (b. 1989 in Brno)
  • Currently in Praha, Czech Republic.


Bioconstructor I./Biokonstruktér I.

Bioconstructor I./Biokonstruktér I.

  • 2016
  • Mixed Media on Paper
  • Bioconstructor II./Biokonstruktér II. - thumbnail Bioconstructor I./Biokonstruktér I. - thumbnail Imprint/Vtisk - thumbnail Texture/Textura - thumbnail Geology/Geologie - thumbnail Refract/Průchod - thumbnail Transparency/Transparence - thumbnail Instalation view - thumbnail

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    Cyklopedia/Cyklopedie | 2016

This expansive series of drawings is an internal answer to the omnipresent rationality of the world. The visual language of the drawing records the simplest of natural phenomena and abstracts them into schemes, the code of which isn't as simply formulable.