Lili Agg

  • Hungary (b. 1991 in Zalaegerszeg)
  • Currently in Budapest, Hungary.



Ectopy 2

Ectopy 2

  • 2018

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    Ectopy 2 | 2018

This installation contains three paintings and an interactive video. The main element is a broken, distorted black frame which appears on all of the works. The spatial paintings, the fragments and the signs on them mix the coordinates of the space, as a rest of a distopic mirror room. Through wrong perception a human being dissolves, layers of enlarged tissues, abstracted landscapes and pure paints show his or her fragmented identity. The installation is freezed moment of a process which the video’s scenario based on. It’s a pseudo story about how we loose the ability of speaking – the mouth is its metaphor – and how the fragmented human being become the part of the virtual spaces.