Lili Agg

  • Hungary (b. 1991 in Zalaegerszeg)
  • Currently in Budapest, Hungary.




My works focus on the contradiction between the life’s prime want of human being and the virtual realities where these fundamental processes become irrelevant. On my spatial paintings, I abstract enlarged images of human tissues, maps, layers, canonized artworks, use materials like industrial paints and pure pigments, which symbolize the fragmented identity and the frustrating atmosphere of posthuman reality. In my new series I turn my attention to the new ways of communication, reception of information and how we maintain attention in our world overwhelmed by images and information dust. My works are model of this phenomenon, which appears during the making and also in finished installations.
"We enter a world where technology becomes autonomous from nature, and our environment itself becomes abstract, both visually and physically.... Abstract art is simply the reality of abstract world." - Peter Halley, Abstraction and culture