Katarína Hrušková

  • Slovakia (b. 1984 in Ružomberok)
  • Currently in Slovakia and Berlin, Germany.
My Back is All Around Me

My Back is All Around Me

  • 2014
  • An audio installation permeating the ’being‘ of a potato / Audio inštalácia skúmajúca 'bytosť' zemiaku, 3'56''
  • Enviroment: holé steny a vinylová podlaha so vzorom, ktorý skrýva špinu. Dva reproduktory naklonené hore, smerom k stojacemu divákovi. Pokrčená béžová. Audio: obrazotvorná reč, kombinujúca biologický fakt a antropomorfizmus.
  • Environment: blank walls and vinyl flooring with a dirt concealing pattern. Two speakers tilted upward. Creases in the beige. Audio: language as image-generating device, combining biological fact and anthropomorphism.

  • My 20back 20is 20all 20around 20me 20small
  • 479826797 200x150
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