Krasimir Metodiev

  • Bulgaria (b. 1989 in Karlovo)
  • Currently in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.
Nomadic Trees

Nomadic Trees

  • 2015
  • Wood
  • Fallen Tree I - thumbnail Fallen Tree II - thumbnail Fallen Tree IV - thumbnail Fallen Tree III - thumbnail Fragment of Fallen Tree - thumbnail Nomadic Trees - thumbnail Trees In Love - thumbnail Trees In Love - thumbnail

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    TREES | 2015 - 2018

In my "Trees" I use the imagery of tree to depict monolithic of life, its energetic shapes and colours. Trees has human traits - they has heads, arms, legs; lying down, but full of energy as a dying titans, or going forward as rambling nomads. Wood and rock - mortal and immortal are presented in the same dimensions, in the same time, passing one into another. Passing in one condition into another is visible in plastic behavior of works - softness and flexibility, qualities of plants specific for their genesis.