Sylwia Narbutt

  • Poland (b. 1978 in Warsaw)
  • Currently in London, United Kingdom.
  • Polish artist, curator, co-founder @InlandProject, lives and works in London.


  • 2016
  • Oil on Canvas
  • 22.5 x 30 cm
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    Thickness | 2016

Thickness is a series where I play with my favorite works by old masters. I erase some elements, empathize another. This allows me to concentrate on a particular character and give it alternative, fictional meaning. Nachleben. Nachleben is a term used by Aby Warburg, it means after life, second life. The expression refers to the survival (the continuity or afterlife and metamorphosis) of images and motifs as opposed to their renaissance after extinction or, conversely, their replacement by innovations in image and motif. This term meant a new way of understanding pictures and forms, placing them in the special perspective of non linear historic time. Shapes, pictures gain their own power to travel in time. Nachleben is an anachronic state after life.