Sylwia Narbutt

  • Poland (b. 1978 in Warsaw)
  • Currently in London, United Kingdom.
  • Polish artist, curator, co-founder @InlandProject, lives and works in London.


I am interested in forms that are somehow changed, transformed from their original self. I’m looking for added meaning, by time, by cover, by place. The same subject will look different when covered by a sheet of plastic or cloth, losing its context but also gaining an uncertainty. Shapes concealed in fabric, hidden or deformed by time. It is easy to imagine monstrosity in the unknown. We distrust a hidden object or person. Our imaginations will fill the gaps. Our preconceptions give meaning where none may exist. I like to explore this misdirection, fear, gullibility.

I examine people and their forgotten stories, joining bits and pieces to reflect on reality and on lost historic tales. I think about a group of paintings as an organically growing puzzle, a mirrored recognition of levels of oneself. Some elements are almost like photographs, others hardly visible, covered by physical of imagined layers.

When I was a kid somebody told me that after death artists are employed to paint the sky. So that is why I decided to become one. I went to art collage and then later to the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw where I completed an MA. I moved to London in 2006.