David Přílučík

  • Czech Republic (b. 1991 in Zlín)
  • Currently in Prague, Czech Republic.
Formative Effects

Formative Effects

  • 2015
  • steel profile construction and TV, video PRESENT, PERFECT, CONTINUOUS and a table object

  • #Formative Effects #PRESENT, PERFECT, CONTINUOUS for more information see description

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    Formative Effects | 2015

To cope with anonymity and prefabrication, to find the real, to step out of the system and thus inevitably create new systems – these are our topics. Who are we – users worried about the seriality of our dwelling which is still insufficient with respect to our preoccupied desire for self‐identification? There are many of us and we want to know the answer. But where is the mansion of the gods, where do all the beautiful things come from? What are the conditions of their origin? We do not know, we have never seen anything of those things you are asking about.