Ivaylo Hristov

  • Bulgaria (b. 1979)
  • Currently in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • Bulgarian visual artist. Graduated Painting at the National Art Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria (2005). He has won numerous awards for painting, drawing and design. He has presented his five own projects in Bulgaria.




  • 2016

  • Lighting flags series with typical east floral patterns in clothing and interior. 1) Flowers, 2016. Lighting flags series. 2) Stars, 2016. 3) Ideology. Black flag and drawings on napkin paper.

  • Ideology flag2 ivaylohristov2016 20copy2 20copy
  • Ideology flag4
  • Ideology 2016
  • Lighting Flags | Ideology - thumbnail Ideology - thumbnail Front View - thumbnail

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    Ideology | 2015 - 2016

Project based on the latest political developments in Europe and the Middle East, refugee wave and religious ideology. The "Ideology" poses the question for the sustainability of the cultural, religious and social values in various situations. It puts under consideration the issue with the barriers between East and West, that quite often cause smaller or greater military conflicts.