Rita Görözdi

  • Hungary (b. 1991 in Budapest)
  • Currently in Marseille, France.
  • Rita Görözdi was born in Budapest ( 10/03/1991). She acquired her painter degree in 2016.


Black column

Black column

  • 2016
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    watergame project ( Aix-en- Provence 2016) - Black Column | 2016

„Black Column” is a big amorphous object which towering towards to the water of the blue sky for heavenly moisture. The column go through on rings of pink hoops and it can be an interactive game between person and the object too. The motion of the pink parts could give a new move to the black part with the changing hide and with the rings embrace. This work doesn’t want to be something exactly literal or figurative, something nice or ugly. This is a form in the space which near to human body and forms of us what we can use for different ’games’ too, but I think some suggestive of physical human forms not necessarily means something sure and palpable, but it can gives us support, sensations and mentions for something what we feel. The work interaction with the viewer can result a final completion. The humble forms of materials like the painted paper with the plastic pipe (what gives the basic) and the rings are show the proximity of these forms to our every days.