Martin Kochan

  • Slovakia (b. 1981 in Trnava)
  • Currently in Trnava, Slovakia.
  • I concentrate on post conceptual tendencies in an intermedia production that mostly presents itself as intervention into public space, and I further take that creatively into another stage.
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    Insulation of the bus stop, 2014 |

By thermal insulation of blocks of flats in our neighborhoods, we try, at least visually, to correct the deficiencies and inherited greyness of the former regime. Insulation of a new bus stop creates an absurd situation, when the function itself is lost in the open space. Martin Kochan cynically responds on purpose of paid work, created by pointless surplus labor. The work, however, reveals more leves that are normally hidden from view. Because of glass, we can see the paintings which are inside and which is created by sticking insulation material on the glass. This gives our anonymous master builder an artistic status and quality.