Katarina Balunova

  • Slovakia (b. 1982)
  • Currently in Slovakia.
  • Katarina Balunova is a slovak contemporary artist focusing on the city urbanism, dwelling and the conflict between nature and civilization.




  • 2015
  • human hair, adhesive, glass

  • As the nest building is one of the primary biological instincts of birds and mammals, house is perceives as a form of human nest. Nest is an object made from human hair as a symbol of bird and human housing.
  • Variable composition in space II - thumbnail Variable composition in space - thumbnail Flowing surface - thumbnail Dematerialization of the column with inverted pedestal - thumbnail Build the house - thumbnail Home secrets III - thumbnail Prison - thumbnail Memory architecture - cocoon - thumbnail Home memories - thumbnail Indoor Paradise - thumbnail Boat house - thumbnail No Nest - thumbnail Night pub - thumbnail Nest - thumbnail Home secrets - thumbnail Home secrets II - thumbnail Mail boxes  - thumbnail Geometry for sleeping fish / Geometria pre spiace ryby - thumbnail

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