Dariusz Gwizdala

  • Hungary (b. 1989)
  • Currently in Budapest, Hungary.
Yelow Remix (Tóth Dávid - Pauer Gyula - Puskás Öcsi Remix)

Yelow Remix (Tóth Dávid - Pauer Gyula - Puskás Öcsi Remix)

  • 2016
  • Painted Plastic
  • 210 x 167 x 6 cm
  • The Replica Series 2016 (werkfilm) - thumbnail Yelow Remix (Tóth Dávid - Pauer Gyula - Puskás Öcsi Remix) - thumbnail Remix of The Teleki Square - thumbnail Policeman Late Night Mix (Illyés András - Policeman remix) - thumbnail Rikkancs in the Mix  (Szőke Lajos - Rikkancs remix) - thumbnail How Could Columbo Get Here (Fekete Géza Dezső - Columbo with his dog remix) - thumbnail Dog Style Mix (Raffai Dávid - Kutyás Lány Remix) - thumbnail

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    The Replica Series 2016 | 2016

At the Epreskert I was standing with Tamás Drabik, near Előd Orban 's crouching stone sculpure. We were talking about the sculpture and Tamás mentioned, that he likes the ears of the figure. Soon after, he went to grab some soft clay, and pressed it on the sculptures ear. After taking down the form, he casted some plaster into the clay-negative. Shortly afterwards, we held the plaster ear-form in our hands. These events inspired me to use fast and unofficial sculpture reproduction techniques. I realized, that this easy and rapid method could be used not just on one detail, but on a whole sculpture too. As a result, I become aware of the possibilities, that with this kind of astonishingly fast "trick" "the laws of the game" of sculpture reproduction could expand. With the violation of copyrigths, but I could easily acces to any sculptures forms – without a trace. At that point, I started to think about a series of guerrilla actions, where unauthorized copying, malformed reproductions and remixed sculptures could be made, summarily: the idea of public sculpture reproduction and sculpture remixes. At first I focused on Budapests genre sculptures. With these reliefs, I would like to appropriate the public subjects of the public spaces, and use it to creat a new up-to-date way of sculpting. With the accessibility of cultural and physical public contents, I would like to find a similar way of sculpting, with montages and music remixing.