itamar inbar

  • Israel (b. 1985 in Tel aviv)
  • Currently in Berlin, Germany.
  • Living and working in Tel Aviv and Berlin. Holds a BFA from Shenkar College, Israel. Inbar's works were shown at the Herzliya Museum (Israel), art fairs, different galleries in Tel Aviv and Berlin and in several artist residencies.


  • 2015
  • CVR,VHS cassette, magnetic video tape, television, acrylic, wood, plastic wheels, video loop
  • Externalise - thumbnail SYMBIOSIS - thumbnail Direction Of Rotation - thumbnail Installation view - thumbnail ENDLESS - thumbnail MEMORIES IN CONCRETE - thumbnail SINKING - thumbnail MEMORIE CONCRETE  #2  - thumbnail MEMORIE CONCRETE  #1 - thumbnail EROR - thumbnail

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    Play It Don't Spray It | 2015

Play It Don't Spray It Solo exhibition at Urban Spree Gallery, Berlin // 2015 In the era of digitalism, analogue video is a worthless technology, forgotten also in the art world. The video artist has become a programmer, being surrounded by data, changing and editing digital antimatter. We change and are changed by the world around us. Like our memories change through time and events, and matter does too. No need to be afraid. Imagine the video artist again as a constructor or sculpturist instead, connecting with his matter - mentally and physically. The Video Home System (VHS) is the first technology used by the masses to capture moments, force memories to last. Inbar - as many of his generation - grew up with it, grew into it. Now with a contemporary perspective, Inbar is reexamining this media, by turning videotape cassettes (VHS), video players (VCR) and old televisions into kinetic sculptures. - Text by Katharina Tress For more information please visit Inbar's website: *Text by Katharina Tress