Josef Mladějovský

  • Czech Republic (b. 1986 in Frýdek-místek)
  • Currently in Ostrava, Czech Republic.
  • My work deals with a truth. A truth as an absolute value, truth as being everyday part of one´s life, a truth as an visionary system declared by modernistic -isms. I create my own language from geometric shapes.
Mural / moral true

Mural / moral true

  • 2014
  • Four acrylic paintings on the wall. Each 50x50 cm or 100x50cm.

  • With the help of my own true alphabet, I put together around forty compositions consisting of folk proverbs, wisdom and educative phrases which either formed myself or found on the internet, and which belong to collective memory.

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  • So beefed up that you cannot fit throught the door. - thumbnail Mural / moral true - thumbnail

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    So beefed up that you cannot fit throught the door. | 2014

It concerned one specific installation for the G99 gallery. The installation consisted of a narrowed entrance between two gallery rooms. The passing in the gallery, measuring 45 cm across, was to help the exhibition visitor experience the feeling of strength and importance without having to spend hours in a gym. It also is a metaphor of a human being looking for acknowledgement by stating small accomplishments in order to feel “beefed up”. The exhibition included not only the narrowed entrance but also four acrylic wall paintings, several writings in the Morse code alphabet, one object made of acrylic sheet and wooden shelves hiding a message which was a commentary on the work of Donald Judd