Eri Kassnel

  • Romania (b. 1973 in Timişoara)
  • Currently in (near) Augsburg, Germany.
  • We collect proofs like images, documents and letters to verify our memories. I follow from this an existential doubt: Can I trust memory? Who am I really? If I leave no trace, have I ever existed?


black scarf

  • 2015
  • Photographs, mixed media Book-object, 16 pages, 21 x 34 x 6 cm Video, 3:13 min

  • An old family album is filled with personal mental connections to the past: letters and images. It is a try of reconstruction, to return the past with means of the present. But how much truth is it containing?
  • Postludium - thumbnail Memento...Boltanski! - thumbnail Cradlesong - thumbnail return to papadise - thumbnail perpetuum mobile 02 - thumbnail white noise - thumbnail fading away - thumbnail home is somewhere else - thumbnail black scarf - thumbnail below the surface - thumbnail letters from Utopia - thumbnail mothers and sons - thumbnail Doina - thumbnail

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