Josef Mladějovský

  • Czech Republic (b. 1986 in Frýdek-místek)
  • Currently in Ostrava, Czech Republic.
  • My work deals with a truth. A truth as an absolute value, truth as being everyday part of one´s life, a truth as an visionary system declared by modernistic -isms. I create my own language from geometric shapes.
Truth hurts

Truth hurts

  • 2010
  • Iron, PVC
  • 35 x 150 x 20 cm

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    Weapons of truth | 2010

I was inspired to create Weapons by a family member who kept on “bashing ” people around him by his truths, constantly repeating “Aren´t I right?“ That is why I will use my Truthful alphabet to write a statement symbolizing someone´s truth, and then I will arrange the fragments of text so that they resemble a blade of an axe.