Judit Navratil

  • Hungary (b. 1982 in Szombathely)
  • Currently in San Francisco, United States.
  • Judit’s practice is multivalent, engaging performance, social practices, drawing, as well as video and VR; investigating the possibilities and dangers of ‘home’ in cyberspace. Judit is a Long Distance Somersaulter (LDS), seeking for higher alternatives.


The Glory is Yours

The Glory is Yours

  • 2011

  • rhinestones - thumbnail Trailer for the opening performance of Through a glass darkly - thumbnail The Glory is Yours - thumbnail The Glory is Yours - thumbnail documenta - thumbnail Trafó, Budapest // Queer party - thumbnail runaway cat - thumbnail NOVI GOD - thumbnail diamond album // backcover - thumbnail Master4 with Jay Hawk Bandy - thumbnail

    4 / 10

    Strassz | 2010 - 2013

trash music band