Dóra Eszter Molnár

  • Hungary (b. 1985 in Nyíregyháza)
  • Currently in Hungary.
  • graphic artist and art teacher
Life strategy

Life strategy

  • 2015
  • wood, chess-piece, 140 x 150 x 115 cm

  • In this installation there is a chess board, above it reaches a dam. It symolizes all that we desperately fight for, or sometimes we just believe that we are fighting.

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    Hindrances | 2015

I am interested in the simple form of table board, wich it is also a symbol: the strategy, the complexity of human thought. In my own symbolism chess means the timeless game between genders. Sometimes it can be soft and womanly, another time it is cruel. To win at chess, you must outwit your opponent. It is contrary to the healthy couple relationships, however it is very common.