Dóra Eszter Molnár

  • Hungary (b. 1985 in Nyíregyháza)
  • Currently in Hungary.
  • graphic artist and art teacher


"Certain types of environments have a central role in our lives. Such an emoitional and cognitively determining environment of the self is - home. Dóra Eszter Molnár revolves around the general and contemporary problem of home / loss of home. The home as a physical location and an identificatory scene for a person. Through the translocalization of individuals, family members or ethnic groups, the migration of recent times, migration became experiencable for the inhabitants of the continent in their everyday lives, in the direct sensable sphere of the individual. Seen through her own glasses, influenced by her own living situations and events, Dóra Eszter Molnár presents the pending tendences that may be on the mind of the european citizen of the 21th century."

(Lilla Szoboszlai, art historian)


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