Ana Teles

  • Portugal (b. 1989 in Porto)
  • Currently in London, United Kingdom.
Turner Endpaper

Turner Endpaper

  • 2014
  • Photocopy on A3 paper
  • 30 x 42 cm
  • Intimate Matisse - thumbnail Mark Rothko Untitled p.200 - 201 - thumbnail Turner Endpaper - thumbnail Vermeer and the Invention of Seeing - thumbnail Ad Reinhardt Last Painting p.41 - thumbnail Alberto Giacometti - thumbnail

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    Photocopies | 2014

The work revolves around photocopying books from a library collection. Each photocopy is a choice, a perspective, an encounter or a comment towards an artist’s work. What I find appealing in this process is the vulnerability of the work to transformation at my hand. When making a photocopy I am transgressing the authority and power of the images and respective artists by submitting them to a simple mechanism of reproduction.