Dániel Bernáth

  • Hungary (b. 1990 in Debrecen)
  • Currently in Budapest, Hungary.
Sense of Common

Sense of Common

  • 2013
  • fluff, iron-plate, stump,

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    Sense of Common | 2013

In this installation, I assembled qualities of material and qualities of content that are extreme opposites of each other: light and dark, hard and soft, organic and artificial. As a consequence of their opposing nature, a dynamic is created visually and content-wise where these counterpoints come into contact without the components excluding each other. One component actually merges the other into itself, making it its own condition sine qua non. To an arched, black, well-defined form I coupled soft, plastic, visually elusive, weightless and light-coloured elements. Because of its organic origin, I chose a stump for my pedestal and placed a metal dish – an artificial element – on it, topping the dish with white fluffy seeds built to form a cube, symbolising the artificial-organic. I find the replaceable feature of the components very important, since this sculpture, or rather, this composition of objects, can be seen as a metaphor of society (or of humans in general). In both, the organic elements, one unit here being a piece of fluff, are constituent parts of something constructed like a cube; take the individual as your unit and the cube is an organised society.